Reviews Speedo Silicone Swim Cap (Black)
I swam competitively for most of my life, and this was the only cap that I enjoyed using. Latex caps snagged my hair and gave me allergic reactions. Cloth caps feel nice but they're not for competitive swimmers, as they slow you down. The silicone caps are a breeze to put on and even held my waist-length hair.

I bought this to replace the cap I've had since 15 years ago. I think they have improved the materials and design and it works really well. Also, I read somewhere that you should wet your hair and in the cap interior so that it keeps a good adhesion to your head while swimming. Otherwise, there are air bubbles that cause the cap to gradually slip off while swimming.

The Speedo Silicone Swim Cap will keep your hair dry. I have longer hair and wet my hair first then put a slick conditioner on. I should have left the slick conditioner off because it will make the cap want to slip off. Just wet your hair and put the cap on carefully. It will work fine. I bought several just in case I accidentally put a finger through it because it's thin. So much better than the older bathing caps used to be!

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