Reviews Hot Wheels Molded 48 Car Case - Colors and Styles May Vary
This is a great car case. I gave it a 5 STAR in the educational value because it helps teach my 5 1/2 year old to become more's not hard for him to lift and even though it holds 48 it could hold more if you put 2 thin cars together in 1 slot. We are looking into a bigger case though, but I do give kudos to this design

We used matchbox cars as "rewards" while potty training my son; and as a result we must have over 100 cars. We started with this case to hold all the cars and when it filled up we went in search of another. for our second case, we decided to get fancy. We tried a case that was shaped like a wheel and opened on both sides. It was a nightmare. The lids never stayed shut and inevitably, one side or the other would pop open and all the cars would fall out. So we scrapped that, and bought a case that also had a car launcher at the top of it. It was also a piece of junk. The launcher worked poorly and only shot the car out a couple of inches, and the cover also kept popping open. So, we're back to this case again.

The case holds a minimum of 48 cars, but some of the smaller cars fit 2 in a slot. the case is durable, and the cover fits tightly (but is still easy enough for my 3 year old to open by himself). This case is really all you need.

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